Ozalj active hiking trail



All hikers, recreationists, nature lovers and Nordic hikers are offered to enjoy three landscaped and marked hiking trails in Vivodina, Vrhovec and Lović Prekriški. The trails pass through the picturesque hilly landscapes of vineyards and meadows and the forest hills of Škaljevica, Golubica and the slopes of southern Žumberak. The trails also pass through parts of the Ozalj-Vivodina wine road, where the gastronomic offer of local households and farms in the Vrhovac-Vivodina region is located.


Trail description: circular, length 8 km, moderate difficulty (altitude ascent from 226 m to 1.2 km)

Substrate: roads between settlements mostly asphalted, forest roads mainly macadam (gravel) or dirt and meadow dirt roads or paths.

The trail starts at the chapel (cross) in Gorniki Vivodinski. It continues along the asphalt road to the chapel of St. Ghost located on a hill above the village of Ferenci. Further on, the trail continues along the asphalt along the vineyards and the cellar towards Donji Lović Prekriški. Followed by 1.2 km of steep ascent to the church of Sv. Križa (height ascent of 226 m) which is located at 483 m. In front of the church of Sv. Križa is one of the most beautiful lookouts in continental Croatia, an ideal place for sightseeing in the Ozalj region, picnics and rest halfway to the end of the trail. The road continues through the forest (forest macadam road and meadow paths) all the way to the hill at the foot of Lović Vivodinski. Then it descends on macadam through vineyards and meadows towards the chapel of St. Francis. Finally, the return to Gornike Vivodinske follows the macadam paths and trails.

Interesting facts: Churches of St. Križ, Sv. Spirit and St. Francis.

With prior notice, possible visits to cellars and wineries: Darko Vrbanek, Nikola Furjanić and Željko Graša in Gorniki Vivodinski and Zdenko Žapčić in Lović Prekriški.


Trail description: circular, trail length 11.5 km, moderate difficulty with several ascents and uphills, altitude difference 140 m

Substrate: the trail is an asphalt road or road between settlements, macadam through the forest and a meadow dirt path or trail along vineyards and meadows.

The starting point is at the church of Sv. Lovre in Vivodina, then the asphalt road turns and descends towards the village Zorkovac. Further descent, partly along the asphalt road and partly along the meadow path, you reach the restored mill on the Kamenica stream, which is the natural border between Croatia and Slovenia. An idyllic place for a picnic and a break. Then you take an asphalt road through the forest to reach the beginning of the settlement Obrež Vivodinski. At Darko Vrbanek’s winery, the trail turns towards the village of Vrškovac with a moderate ascent, and then after 1.5 km descends to Galez Drago, a village halfway through the trail (possibility of rest, tables and benches). Then follows a 2 km moderate ascent over the hill Farnice through vineyards and forest to the intersection Mihalj (St. Michael) on the hill above the village Hodinci. Here the trail continues towards Petruš vrh (cemetery, the highest point of the trail) which provides a panoramic view of 360 degrees. The descent along a narrow rural path is followed by a return to Vivodin, the starting point of the path.

Attractions: Baroque church of St. Lovro, mill on the Kamenica stream, inn / winery Frlan, Viktrovski, Mirko Vrbanek, winery and cellar Josip Vrbanek and Darko Vrbanek in Obrež Vivodinski

Possibility to visit winemakers with prior notice. Restaurants and wineries are plotted on a geographical map of the trail.

Karta pješačke staze: Vivodina i vinogradi


Trail description: circular, length 9 km, easy hiking trail with a height difference of 70 m

Surface: the majority of the trail consists of paved roads, less often macadam roads. Along the river Kupa (Zaluka) the trail is a meadow road 1 km long which can be muddy in autumn or spring when the river flows out of its bed.

The starting point is at the church of Sv. Cosmas and Damian in Vrhovec. By a detour to the northwest, the trail reaches Škaljevica, a road junction that is also a picnic resort. Nearby is the Peasant Household Čulig, which offers indigenous food and accommodation. Then there is a slight descent down the river Kupa to the place Zaluke. On Kupa in Zaluka there is a private concrete dock with a bench that walkers can use as a picnic resort or as a swimming pool for hot summer days. The trail then follows the course of the river Kupa towards Ozalj along a meadow road (1 km). Just before the Old Town of Ozalj, the trail turns back towards Vrhovec. Through a slight alternation of gentle hills and valleys, a slight ascent, the trail returns along the south side to Vrhovac.

Interesting facts: Church of St. Cosmas and Damian

The Stjepan Čulig rural household offers autochthonous gastronomic specialties, a rich wine cellar and accommodation in a rustic ambience.

Possibility to visit the winery / cellar Šoštar and Guštin with prior notice.

Karta pješačke staze: Vrhovac i rijeka Kupa


On the beautiful Lović Prekriški, near the lookout point and the Visitor Center, there is a marked educational trail, with information about flora and fauna. Information boards and a sample orchard with indigenous apple varieties will introduce you to basic information about life in this part of the Žumberak – Samoborsko gorje Nature Park. The trail is suitable for children and is not demanding, we recommend that you spend an hour in an idyllic setting.

Trail description – length 2 km, tour time – 60 minutes
Guided tour – according to the announcement in the Žumberak Nature Park – Samoborsko gorje