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Northwestern part of Karlovac county

Ozalj info

The area of ​​the town of Ozalj is located in the northwestern part of Karlovac County, covering an area of ​​179.4 square kilometers

The area of ​​the town of Ozalj is located in the northwestern part of Karlovac County, covering an area of ​​179.4 square kilometers on which are located many picturesque villages and hamlets with a total of 6,837 inhabitants (2011 census).

The Ozalj area located along the lower course of the Kupa and its right tributary Dobra is characterized by interesting geographical diversity – picturesque areas of the southern branches of Žumberak mountains, gentle hills of Vivodina-Vrhovac vineyards, wide and fertile Pokupna plains and 9 fish-rich lakes Šljunčare. The highest peaks of the area are Vodenica (537 m above sea level) and Sveta Gera (1,178 m above sea level).

Like a wide-open history book, the Ozalj area is still an unpolished tourist gem. It abounds in natural beauties, but also cultural and historical monuments and is an ideal place for a trip, 18 km away from Karlovac, 50 km from Zagreb and 120 km from Rijeka.

It is certainly best known for the Old Town of Ozalj – the town of Zrinski and Frankopan, around which, like hidden pearls, are scattered numerous lesser known but no less valuable sights that complete the magic of Ozalj itself waiting to be discovered and seen through the eyes of curious visitors. Here we are talking about the planned medieval settlement of Trg, which nurtures the traditional art of lace knitting and making jalba – women’s hats, then Vrhovac, a settlement in which each house bears the surname of the craft it practiced; Vivodina, which will remind you of Tuscany with its picturesque vineyards and wine cellars; the beauty of the Žumberak Natural Park; castles and noble mansions in Jaškovo, Zorkovac, Grdun, Hrašće, Vrhovec (Plepelić-dvor), Trešćerovac and Gornji Pokupje and many others.

Northwestern part of Karlovac county

Traffic connections

The area of ​​the City of Ozalj is not isolated in the territory of the Republic of Croatia, as it seems at first glance at the map


Located in the border area

not far from the main traffic flows; on the edge of Karlovac County and Central Croatia. The area of ​​the City is connected with Bela Krajina in the Republic of Slovenia and the Bosnian Krajina in Bosnia and Herzegovina in an important traffic hub of the city of Karlovac, the most important development center within this part of Central Croatia.

In the area of ​​the City of Ozalj, roads of regional-county and local significance predominate, which serve to interconnect certain parts of it with the immediate surrounding areas.

Due to its central position, the city center of Ozalj is 1-20 km away from some settlements within the city, while the distance from other surrounding important local centers in its gravitational influence is 10-20 km (Krašić 9 km, Kostanjevac 18 km, Draganić 15 km, Žakanje 15 km, Ribnik 20 km and Netretić 20 km), ie according to urban centers of supra-local significance 18–65 km (Karlovac 18 km, Jastrebarsko 35 km and Zagreb 65 km), and according to those in the Republic of Slovenia 15–45 km (Metlika 15 km , Črnomelj 30 km and Novo Mesto 45 km).

Geographical location

The area of ​​the City of Ozalj is located in the extreme north of Karlovac County, within which it borders the municipalities of Žakanje and Ribnik in the west, the municipality of Netretić in the southwest and the City of Karlovac in the southeast. In the northeast with the municipalities of Žumberak (Kostanjevac) and Krašić and with the City of Jastrebarsko from Zagreb County, while in the far north and northwest with the Republic of Slovenia, which means the border area.

In this area there are the international border crossing Jurovski Brod (outside the area of ​​the City of Ozalj) on the international highway Karlovac-Metlika, the state border crossing Krmačina on the regional road Krašić-Vivodina-Metlika and border crossings Brašljevica, Ostriž, Liješće and Brezovica Žumberačka on local roads in the area of ​​Žumberak.

The highest peaks in the area of ​​Ozalj are Vodenica with 537 m above sea level and Sveta Gera with 1178 m above sea level. Vivodina, Vrhovac and Zorkovački bregi open the beginning of the Pokupski lowland in a semicircle, through which, after the last dam – the hydroelectric power plant, the river Kupa flows slowly. On the other side, from Vodenica to Svetički Hrašće and Erjavec, the arch closes, under which the rich and cold river Dobra flows peacefully.

that Slava Raškaj, the deaf-mute queen of Croatian watercolor, was born in Ozalj in 1877. Her grave is located in the courtyard of the church of St. Vid in Ozalj

that in the village of Trg near Ozalj, the tradition of making a jalba, a cap of a married woman made of special lace, made with one of the oldest textile techniques, has been preserved

that Ozalj, along with Ribnik and Karlovac, is part of the PPS destination Green Heart of Croatia

that in the production of the longest strudel in the world, on September 6, 2015, more than 800 kg of apples, 300 kg of grapes, 800 kg of flour, 10 kg of cinnamon, 20 kg of powdered sugar, 10 kg of salt were used – for a total of 3,077 delicious pieces of strudel

that the young Ozalj author Josip Stupić has already published 3 comic albums “The Wizard of Ozalj”

that in Jaškovo, for decades, people with special needs have been cared for by the Community Service Center
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