Ozalj Štrudlafest


One of the favorite desserts of this region with its full right was its festival.

T: +385 (0)98 303 408

E: strudlafest.jaskovo@gmail.com

Web: ŠtrudlaFest

When: First weekend in September

Where:  Kurija Jaškovo (Rehabilitation center Ozalj)/Restaurant Žganjer (Jaškovo)

Since 2015, the longest strudel in the world in Jaškov, near Ozalj, when the complex hands were prepared for a slender bend of 1,479.38 meters, which then entered the Guinness Book of Records, as the longest – the festival of strudel became an unavoidable event in the short term, which hosts thousands of curious cheerleaders, contestants of confectioners, educators, entertainers …

With a very rich and varied offer of strudel, amateur and professional competition, local producers of autochthonous food and agricultural products are present at the festival. In the accompanying program, various educational and creative workshops on grooms, for children and adults were organized by local and foreign culinary masters. Various exhibitions and events with the performances of KUDs are also organized.