the lookout point at the top of Lovići will delight every visitor

On the southern slopes of the Žumberak mountains along the Kupa valley, there is the Ozalj-Vivodina wine road, about 30 km long. The sun-drenched slopes of Vivodina, Lovići and Vrhovec provide ideal conditions for growing vines, and today in this area about 80 hectares are covered with vineyards.

The Vivodina region, where as many as 26 villages and hamlets hide between deep valleys, forests and wine-growing hills, has long been known for growing vines. Out of about 70 Vivodina documents from the Middle Ages (1550 – 1776), 32 documents are sales contracts in which the people of Vivodina sell or donate vineyards.

Vrhovac is also an unavoidable stop on the wine road. It is an interesting fact that in Vrhovec almost every family bears a surname according to the trade they once practiced (Lončar, Kolar, Bakarić (). A beautiful landscape of gentle slopes, cultivated vineyards with cellars (“houses”) and small cottages will hospitably welcome not only lovers of quality wine but also every nature lover.

In addition to the beautiful nature, the wine road also offers a gastronomic offer. Visitors to the wine road can enjoy top quality wines for which the whole area is widely known. On the farms located on the wine road, the kind and hospitable hosts will offer you a good drop and homemade food at affordable prices. Here you can enjoy top quality white wines Graševina, Sauvignon, Rhine Riesling, Chardonnay and Yellow Muscat, and red wines Pinot Noir, Frankovka, Zweigelt and Portugizac are recommended.

Vinarija Šoštar – Ženska berba Frankovke from Max DM on Vimeo.