Ozalj wine days Vivodina



T: +385 (0)98 745 520

E: ivfrlan@gmail.com

Web: Dani vina Vivodina

When: mid-June, three-day weekend wine festival

Where: Vivodina, restaurant Vivodina


The traditional three-day event has been gathering winemakers from the Ozalj-Vivodina and Vrhovac-Krašić vineyards for 27 years, as well as guests from neighboring Slovenia. Over 150 wines are competed and evaluated (mostly young wines from 1-3 years of age, but more and more archival wines from 7 or more years of age).

The wine festival is spiced with a rich gastronomic offer such as young Pag lamb prepared according to the old recipe of the Frlan family. The festival is accompanied by an exciting competition in the preparation of top hunting stews from a dozen hunting societies, and deer and boar sausages, boar prosciutto, and indigenous cow and goat cheeses from local family farms are also offered. Local KUDs, tamburitza players and local bands perform at the party with animation programs until the early morning hours.

For lovers of active holidays, a bicycle race to Ribnik and back is organized. Take a walk and recreate on the tourist hiking trails:

Vivodina i vinogradi i Tri crkve – Lović Prekriški.