entrepreneurship and hospitality

The family of Furjanic has long been known for its enthusiasm and hospitality. The old mason in which the wine cellar is located is located along the road that led from the river Kupa over Gornika to Dojutrovica and was often visited by travelers or accidental passers-by at the brink of the “cup” of domestic wine. In the vineyard itself there is a newly built basement. The wines of the company Furjanić are regularly present at various exhibitions and have been awarded 3 times for the champion Vivodina. They also won a dozen gold and silver medals at exhibitions in Slovenia and at the Friends of Good Wine Club. In addition to good wine on the farm Furjanic you will be honored with local specialties and enjoy the beautiful view that goes all the way to Petrova Gora and Kleka.
Offer: Graševina wine, Yellow Muškat, Chardonnay, Zweigelt

The cellar offers traditional dishes and wine tasting, Saturday 10-20 h, other days by announcement, receives 10-12 people

Winery Nikola FURJANIĆ

Gorniki 7, 47283 Vivodina
+385 (0) 47 758 787
+385 (0) 98 551 755