always highly rated and rewarded

The economy has a long tradition in viticulture and wine production. At numerous exhibitions in which they perform, wines from the Graha family cellars are always highly appreciated and awarded with gold and silver medals. If you visit this farm, you will also enjoy the beautiful nature, except the top wines, and the basement, located under a wooden canopy, was built at the end of the 19th century and will return you to the past when you relaxed and without stress enjoyed a good drop.

Offer: Graševina wine, Chardonnay, Yellow Muškat, Zweingelt

The cellar offers local specialties, wine tasting, 10-20 h Saturday, other days after announcement, can accommodate up to 20 people

Winery Graša

Gorniki 13, 47283 Vivodina
+385 (0) 47 758 766
+385 (0) 99 191 2478