long tradition
At the very edge of the village Vrškovac is a winery with a beautiful view, a newly built cellar and a tasting room and a covered terrace. The old vineyard near the wineries is an ideal starting point for exploring the villages while the new vineyards provide a breathtaking view of the bay of Kupa.

The tradition of wine production in the Lešćanec family dates back to decades, and the tradition of grape growing is transferred from the knee to the knee. In their basement with a specially decorated prostorm for wine tasting, you can enjoy traditional dishes but also hear a variety of stories that will bring you back to the past of this area.

Winery Lešćanec

Vrškovac 41, 47283 Vivodina
+385 (0) 47 758 952
+385 (0) 98 460 472